Ratrod, Appaloosa Stallion

“He is AWESOME! He’s a beautiful representation of the Appaloosa as a breed! You did a fantastic job! And he’s going to be so versatile! I can just see it now!!! I can’t wait to get to work on him! I’ll send you pictures when he’s completed!
So excited!! THANKS so much!!” -SB

“Just unboxed my Ratrod resin from KLF! He is just phenomenal, Kristina! Such detail, personality and type! LOVE! Bravo!” -HM

“He’s AWESOME!!! ( and a little larger than I expected too!)…there’s SOOOOOO many coat patterns to choose for him…” -DW

Ratrod is a classic scale original sculpture, the first full-body horse resin edition released by Kristina in years. He is not “tiny” classic like the Breyer old QH family, he is full-size Classic. This highly detailed, accurized rat-tail Appaloosa was worth waiting for!

Ratrod has the thin, flippy mane and “rat” tail of some Appaloosa lines. His face is attentive and honest. He has all the details of whisker bumps (whisker beds), inside-ears, soles on raised hooves, action-pumped veins and capillaries, and all the under-tail details for painting the skin mottling trait. He’s a conveniently sized and breed-correct canvas to show off Appaloosa paint technique. Like his namesake, he’s uniquely custom, unfinished, and built to GO!

Like real rat rods, artists are welcome to customize him; for instance, roach his mane, just as 1960’s Appies showed in several disciplines. His original hairdo is tack-friendly for performance. His pose can be used in roping, cutting, barrel racing, eventing, show jumping, gymkhana, combined driving events… he is highly adaptable. Kristina allows customizing on her unpainted resins because it is a shared art experience between the sculptor, the customizer/painter, and the exhibitor.

Ratrod is professionally cast in art quality resin by Paul Francis. He has been producing resins for the model horse hobby (and other industries) since his time at DaBar Enterprises in 1997. We have a state-of-the-art casting facility with autoclave and clean room. Each resin has metal rod reinforcements in all legs and the tail.

These raw resins need only minimal prep. Ratrods have almost barely any seams, and already have their tails installed by Kristina, with careful sculpting of the dock hair details. She also ground down the brass rod ends and filled any dents from the belly and chin sprues.There’s just not much left to do on this body.

I have THREE IN STOCK ready to ship. This extremely limited resin edition is 20 pieces + 5 Artist Proofs (25 resins). Keeping this limited keeps him special and a standout in the show rings. No AP’s for sale at this time.

PayPal or check/money order is accepted. Please contact me before you PayPal, for the correct PP address; my regular email is not my PayPal ID. With the holidays approaching, the time payment plan has been expanded by request:

10 weeks plan: $ 17.85 per week + $8 shipping on final payment

1 month plan: deposit of $87.50, and the balance + shipping due in 30 days ($95.50).

5 month plan: $ 35.70 per month + the shipping rate of that future date (postal rate increase)

There are also a few in-depth blog articles about the making of Ratrod.