How To Request a Quote

Artwork for Commercial Purposes

I have experience designing for various ceramic, resin, and injection molded product lines. A complete professional prototyping service is available, from molds to painted samples (decos).

To prepare a fee inquiry, please state:

Finished product’s medium
Required medium for prototype
Projected finished product dimensions
Number of figures in composition
Degree of realism
Subject description

Rush orders are accepted, but priced accordingly.

Artwork for Private Owner or Syndicate

Portraiture is not limited to pedigree specimens, as capturing a likeness extends beyond standards. I strive to find the individual in my clay.

To prepare a fee inquiry, please state:

Desired medium (i.e., ceramic, bronze, or resin)
Size of sculpture
Brief description or photo of the subject

Regarding inquiries for free or “on spec” art: I understand that celebrity, heroism, and beauty make for interesting subject matter, but my household bills still arrive, regardless. It is my duty to both those who depend on my income, and to my fellow artists, to work wisely. My portrait fees are very reasonable and competitive for the quality.

Lest the bots fill my inbox with spam, here is my email in super-secret code, all lower case, no spaces:

my first name “at” the rest of my name studio “dot” com

Clients have also successfully reached me through my Facebook Art Page and my yahoogroup.