2011 Custom Glaze Policy

Lucas Francis Studio Custom Glazing Terms

Effective July 13, 2011

Satisfaction Guarantee: If not satisfied with the finished model, I offer entire model replacement on any of my in-house molds; glazing credit only on earthenware non-house molds. Guarantee lasts seven days for your in-hand inspection. If model is competed/shown by the buyer during this time, guarantee is void. As other artists state, we are not responsible for buyer’s remorse or random show outcomes. The quality of my work stands on its own merits.

NO GUARANTEE on bone china formulas. Intrinsic factory flaws in almost every bone china bisque I have had in the studio, before I even touched them, and some with chemical glaze incompatibility, requires this exemption from guarantee.

Limitations: chemistry, glaze manufacturers changing formulas, and glaze-claybody compatibility. Details can be provided on request.

Payment: Absolutely NO DEPOSIT accepted until glaze is completed. Time payments may follow. Time payments beyond four months  (120 days) are considered extended time payments, which carry a 5% interest rate on the original total, not the remainder owed. Trades for some crisp HRs, MWL/Molds From Maureen’s Garage, and vintage items personally glazed by Maureen Love are welcome.

Additional Services: If the horse is Paid In Full, I can proxy exhibit it for the owner, if a show of my choosing falls between payment and shipment. Proxy entry fees are not included. Return shipping cost is not included.

Completion Time: I run the pottery entirely alone. I produce my own model horse OFs, as well as my other ceramic lines, and licensed ceramics. I can only take on Custom Glaze orders that do not have a solid deadline. Items are fit in, as my schedule and kiln space allow. I do not fire one item alone in the kiln.